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Selection of photograps from Julian Alps are published in Gallery

Finally, finished postprocessing of my selected images from the Slovenian Julian Alps, where with Kinga spent an awesome week in late October 2021! We had one goal only: to enjoy discovering and photographing the natural beauties of the Julian Alps!

We split the tour into a Northern part, where had an apartment in the Kranjska Gora region having awesome morning view from our window, then travelled to the South region, where we stayed closed to Bovec.

View from my window

Looks, it was a real last minute autumn tour, as visiting to a number of sightseeings are closed from the 1st of November. Think, we were also lucky with the weather, as only had one dark day with no colours. Otherwise, often started the morning hike in fog, but when we got high enough, then reached the top of the mountain a magnificent sunshine welcomed us. Luckily, when visited the Soca and Tolminka gorges there was no direct sunlight at all, so images are luck of ugly sunlighted and dark shadow pattern.

From fog to cloud, then sunshine

Did not plan to visit Bled two times, but, actually, having discovered a very nice overview point to the lake with the Monastery decided to take a bypass to the village when heading back from the daily tour and taste the famous Bled cream cake, also spend the sunset time at the surrounding peak photographing the golden and the blue hour. It worthed the effort!

Bled cream cake with the Monastery in the background

Blue hour over Bled

Enjoy the photographs in the Gallery!


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