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One of my favorite winner photo is on my wall

Updated: May 17, 2021

About a year ago I was contacted by someone to purchase my photo entitled "Good night, Budapest!" as a large print. Actually, this is one of my favourite photograph due to the technical difficulties I had to pass, also, because it brought me a wide international acknowledgement by winning the 1st prize in the Greening the city category of the very prestigious International Garden Photography of the year contest 2016 (UK). I took the shot in the same year with my 24 Mpixel Nikon D750 coupled with Nikon AF-S 16-35mm f/4G ED VR lens.

Well, I thought, this is strange - someone would like to hang my photo on the wall of his apartman, but I have none of mines, at all. So, decided to make it happen. Carefully chose one of the best photo labor in Budapest and ordered the print to be produced by chemical development at 60x90 cm size on Fujifilm paper. Were hard days to wait for the large print to arrive... When opened the roll-box I found the print is perfect! I got it framed and covered by non-reflective glass at a painting shop and myself gave the final very dark tone to the frame. Now it is in my dining room, finally :)

Here is the winner photo in digital format.


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