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My Tisza Mayfly (Tiszavirág) photograph is on WWF site

Tiszavirágzás (Blooming of Tisza[river]) is a unique natural phenomenon happens in river Tisza and some of its connected rivers in every Jun. For a few days in a 1 to 2 hours of period at evening time billions of billions of larvae of Tisza Mayfly strive to the surface of the water, where they molt in a few seconds, take off to the air and mate. Mating is generally starting while the freshly molted individuals are floating. The insects over mating have a short life, they die on that same day. This is sad, still an exhilarating feeling to experience such an extraordinary well timed natural event, when such huge crowd of fragile and beautiful insects come into life and fly together in clouds over the river.

WWF (World Wildlife Fund) recently contacted me to receive my permission to use one of my photograph (already featured on Flickr) for their planned new online article. Obviously, as a biologyst by profession, I am happy to contribute to knowledge dissemination, so my Tisza Mayfly (Palingenia longicauda) photo is republished now in WWF article #137:

Tisza Mayfly (Palingenia longicauda)

My photo on WWF website

Actually, the mentioned photo was taken in 2014, and I got to the mood to rediscover my Tisza Mayfly photos taken then and during the next few years. It was a good idea, as I found some hidden gems, here there are a few examples:


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