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Bánáti bazsarózsa is blooming in Mecsek

Updated: May 25, 2021

Bánáti bazsarózsa (Paeonia banatica) is an endemic species in Hungary, a real gem. There are only cca. 15000 individuals exist and about ~90% live on the slopes of Mt Mecsek, Hungary, while their sporadic occurrence also noted in Serbia and Croatia (Fruška Gora). Its main blooming season is end of April to beginning of May. Due to the recent cold weather during spring time the blooming is in delay in the Mecsek.

Last weekend took my family to Pécs just to see them with my own eyes and were able to find some very nice specimens when hiking the bazsarózsa educational trail.

Here is one of my favourite photo about the trip, decided to publish an unedited, untouched straigh out of camera image.

And here are some others with minor optimisation.


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